EAA Test Cards

The Takeoff Advisor Project is developing a pre-flight planning tool that helps pilots understand their best options in the event of a loss of power on takeoff. The project is currently seeking flight data from pilots across the country. If you would like to know if your plane could perform a turnback to the runway follow the test cards below. Record a flight (one of the test cards), and we will send you a visualization of your turnback and plots of your flight. You can have fun learning about your plane’s capabilities as well as advance general aviation safety. Get the cards from the links below and send your results to FTM@EAA.org.

Card 1: Best Glide Speed and Angle

Card 2: Turning Glide Performance

Card 3: Takeoff LOC Prevention

Card 7: Determine Vx and Vy

Card 7a: Rate of Climb for Vx and Vy

Card: Recording Your Turnback

During our September 22, 2020, webinar, “So You Think You Can Make a 180° Back on Takeoff? An In-Depth Look at Engine Failure Options,” we received dozens of detailed questions that we did not have time to answer during the webinar. To see additional discussion and detailed answers to these questions, please click the link below.

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