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Young Eagle® Credits Program

Established in 1995, the EAA Young Eagles credit program awards a $5 credit to pilots and chapters for each Young Eagle flown in a calendar year. Many chapters use the credits to send a young person to the EAA Air Academy or to support and enhance their local Young Eagles outreach efforts. 

Approved uses of Young Eagles credits
Program funding allows us to continue the approved uses of Young Eagles credits, to include the following:

  • EAA Air Academy Scholarships

    As in past years, we strongly encourage chapters to pool their credits to help send young people for the “aviation experience of a lifetime” at the EAA Air Academy summer camp in Oshkosh. There are two changes that will assist these efforts:

    • Young Eagles credits can now cover up to 100 percent of EAA Air Academy tuition.
    • Young Eagles credits can also be used to support the transportation cost of sending children to the EAA Air Academy.

  • Support of local Young Eagles activities

    EAA chapters may also apply for cash reimbursement of costs directly associated with the promotion, enhancement, and execution of their local Young Eagles activities.

    • Examples include:
      • Provision of hands-on activities at a Young Eagles rally (supplies for wing rib building, flight simulators, etc.).
      • Promotion of a Young Eagles rally (banners, posters, promotional materials, hand-outs, etc).
      • Operational and safety items (banner rope, cones, vests, printer for printing certificates, and/or photos of Young Eagles).
      • Postage expense for mailing in EAA Young Eagles registration forms.
      • Any chapter gear purchased must have the EAA Young Eagles logo on it.

Credits cannot be used for the compensation of individuals, for the provision or subsidy of fuel and oil, f or construction projects, for flight instruction, or for any other activities that are not directly associated with the promotion, enhancement, or execution of a local Young Eagles activity. If you have a question about a potential expense, please consult the EAA Young Eagles office for guidance.

  • Return the credits to EAA
    If you wish, you may return the credits to EAA, which will use them to enhance the general EAA Air Academy scholarship fund — facilitating the attendance of a young person at the EAA Air Academy.


Complete Credit Form 


How credits are issued and redeemed

  • Qualification
    Pilots who fly and register Young Eagles in the prior calendar year are awarded one credit, valued at $5 each, for each flight. For example, if a pilot flew and registered 10 Young Eagles during 2018, they would receive $50 in credits to use in 2019.


  • EAA Chapters
    EAA will issue a single voucher containing the total credits earned by that chapter’s pilots in the calendar year. This credit will be kept “on account” at EAA headquarters. To redeem the credits, you will need to complete the EAA Young Eagles Credit Reimbursement Form and mail it to EAA. Young Eagles coordinator will receive a letter in spring indicating how many Young Eagles credits their chapter pilots earned in the previous year. Pilots who do not belong to a chapter will receive individual letters. 


  • Pilots not associated with a Chapter
    Pilots not associated with an EAA chapter will be issued a credit letter as in past years. Individual pilots can use the credits to help send a child to the EAA Air Academy, or return the credits to EAA. Please note that individual pilots cannot participate directly in the cash reimbursement program. However, individual pilots may donate their credits to an EAA chapter to support that chapter’s activities.


  • Expiration of credits
    Please note all credits expire on December 31, 2019. Expenses must be incurred before December 31, 2019, to be eligible for reimbursement. Reimbursement forms must be returned to the EAA Young Eagles office no later than January 15, 2020.


We sincerely thank the many individuals and companies who stepped forward to donate the funds that are helping to expand the EAA Young Eagles credit program. In so doing, they have helped EAA chapters and members foster and promote aviation among young people.


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