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George LeMay — Daredevil Driver and Tireless Promoter of Aviation

While there are countless Canadians who have shown incredible courage and initiative in many fields, my interest naturally defaults to those whose lives revolved around aviation.

New Kid on the Block

What would you do if you owned an avionics company for the experimental aircraft world and wanted to expand your horizons?

ForeFlight, Mandatory Frequency Airports, Space for Downloads

The following information was received from the above ForeFlight support specialists after I’d sent in a couple of questions, and I thought I’d share it. You might also save some time.

More Chapters Targeted by Phishing Attacks

EAA has been notified that more chapters have been the target of new phishing attacks.

A Company That Changed Aviation

Last year 800 million people boarded commercial airliners in the United States alone.

Chapter 857 Scammed Out of Hundreds of Dollars

Chapter 857 shares its experience, and the EAA IT department gives a few tips and tricks for handling suspicious e-mails.

Aircraft Camping Guidelines

Rules? Yea, we have a few. Check out these airplane camping guidelines to make your stay at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh enjoyable.
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