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Planned Giving Opportunities

When you choose to give wings to future generations, EAA offers many options. Whether you decide to give now or later, you're giving to a cause that supports the future of aviation. Giving wings is more than giving a monetary amount; it's giving hope and the ability to reach dreams.

Today's Opportunities

Follow this link to discover timely opportunities for supporting EAA’s many endeavors, from preparing today’s youth for the future of aviation to protecting the right to fly and preserving the heritage of aviation.  This page also provides links to resources for those interested in learning more about ways to help through the power of various planned giving approaches.

Bequest (i.e., a gift from a will)

To continue giving wings long after your lifetime, consider the rewarding gift of a bequest, a donation made in a will. A bequest allows donors to retain full ownership and use of their assets during their lifetime, but ensures that their designated assets will be distributed to EAA in accordance with their wishes dictated in their will.

A bequest can take many forms and it can be either restricted for a specific purpose, or unrestricted, providing EAA with the greatest flexibility to apply funds where needed.

We would be happy to assist you and your attorneys in developing a bequest that best suits your needs and interests. For more information about bequests and bequest language, please contact us or call 1-800-236-1025.

If you would like to receive more information about bequests, e-mail EAA Development to request your free e-brochure. Then, we'll send you a copy of the brochure via e-mail.

Life Insurance

The versatility of a life insurance policy is tremendous, especially in the realm of charitable giving. Giving wings is simple when using life insurance as a stepping stone.

If you have a life insurance policy you no longer need, putting it toward a charitable cause could be the perfect way to revitalize its use. Purchasing a new policy and naming EAA as beneficiary is another possibility.

Living trust

A living trust is an arrangement you create during your lifetime to provide for you and your family both before and after your lifetime. It can be tailored to fit well with your estate plans, but should not be considered a substitute for a will.

During the planning and drafting of a living trust, once your needs and those of your family have been met, consider distributing remainder trust assets to EAA. Giving to EAA through a living trust is rewarding to not only you, but also to future generations of flight-lovers.

Benefits of a living trust are its flexibility, revocability and confidentiality. To find out more about living trust planning and benefits, please contact EAA Development at 1-800-236-1025 or e-mail us.

Retirement Plan Assets

We know how important the accumulation of assets in your retirement plan is in ensuring a financially secure future. To preserve your retirement assets after your lifetime, consider the benefits of using them in a totally different way: through giving wings to future generations.

Retirement accounts are often exposed to high-rate income taxes and estate taxes, many of which can be avoided or reduced through a carefully planned charitable gift to EAA. Many options are available when choosing to donate retirement plan assets; contact us to find out what alternative is best for you.

Real Estate Proceeds

A home or other real estate increases significantly in value over time. Before you sell the property though, consider a new option: donating the property to EAA, to the future of flight, to the next generations of youth.

If choosing to donate your property to us, you have the option of giving it outright, placing it in trust, retaining its use for life or giving it by will. All of these methods will enable you to enjoy personal financial benefits while supporting our work in a meaningful way.

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