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What EAAers Are Thankful For in Aviation

November 26, 2008 Last week we asked EAA members to tell us what they’re thankful for in aviation on this Thanksgiving holiday.  Here are some of the responses we received.

- I am thankful that I still have a roof over my head and a warm place to sleep. I am also thankful I get to eat everyday, but saddened that aviation will again have to take a back seat for my flying dreams once again are hold.
- I am thankful to the Lord for he has been good to me. - T. W.

- I am thankful for all the dedicated, caring and kind people you meet wherever you fly. - R. M.

- I was luckily raised by an early EAAer who had a true passion for general aviation, which seems to have infected a third generation of our family. I am thankful for the friends, family and memories, which are all, tied to EAA. - F.S.

- I was a Marine Pilot in World War II. This year I became a volunteer docent in Tucson, Arizona, at the Pima Air and Space Museum. I’m thankful that I can do this in the WWII aircraft hangars, telling visitors what these great “warbirds” did during that period in time. - G. F.

- I am thankful for:
Family, friends, flying, freedom to fly, freedom to vote, freedom to worship as I please, freedom of speech.
The pioneers in aviation that had the foresight to see the benefits of flying
The health and safety of the Astronauts and all pilots
The young people that are currently defending our freedom and all veterans living or not
So much to be thankful for and I pray our freedoms continue, our young people defending our freedom remain safe and not injured - R. K.

- In aviation I am thankful for everyone I have met, from the instructors I have had that gave me so much insight, to the folks I just hangar fly with that have so many years of experience I will probably never have. What a wonderful hobby to have! Aviation folks are a family; we can sit around a table and talk for hours!!- L. M.

- I’m so Thankful that I can fly in a free America that all of our soldiers have protected.
I am Thankful I can fly airplanes and seaplanes.
I am thankful I can fly hot air balloons, and thankful to the Montgolfier Brothers who on November 21 1783, were the first to fly.
I am mostly thankful for the plane that will bring my son home safely from Iraq! - W. S. - Proud Pilot & EAA Member

- As a relatively new member of the EAA (three years), I find myself tickled at how active and effective the EAA is at protecting my God-given American rights to my passion of aviation. In the eyes of the law (and those of non-flying attorneys) of course flying is a privilege, not a right. Subject to legislation by those who have little or no experience. Aeronautical engineering is the most stringent exercise in structural economy of any engineering field. I believe my life would not be as rich without aviation or more specifically the right to design, build and fly my creation.

- I’m thankful for the EAA and the tireless efforts of those within protecting the passion of American aviators against reckless legislation that would stifle creativity and dampen enthusiasm for this field. God Bless America and the EAA. -  J. D.

- The continent on which we live has much of the most fabulous scenery and vacationland on earth. It is a great privilege to be able to see so much of it in flight. For this I am thankful.- B. E.

- I am thankful that my home, cars and aircraft are all fully paid off. I am thankful I don’t have any credit card debt and any debt at all. I am thankful that I outright own my own business that is fairly depression proof. I am thankful I have a beautiful warm home and food to come home to and a loving wife. And I am thankful that God gave me the wisdom to fore see the coming of this economic depression and to position my self. And to end this I have to say God help America with what is about to come. - C.R.

- Even though she does not have a love for flying, she goes with me and lets me fly. - E. R.

- What am I thankful for in Aviation? One is not having the TSA rule today to add to the mess of dealing with all the Mexico regulations when crossing the border back into the U.S. so I can go home for Thanksgiving after flying a Mexico job for my company.- J. M.

- I am thankful that it has been my privilege to be a general aviation pilot for over 35 years and to continue to be an active pilot at the age of 73. And I’m thankful that it has been my privilege since 1979 to share the joy of flight with others through being a CFI. To stand beside a runway and watch a student pilot make his/her first solo flight is as thrilling today as it was in 1979. I have been truly and greatly blessed.- J. E.

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