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  ISSUE 13 DECEMBER 2010      
From the Editor
Predictions for 2011
By Dan Grunloh, Editor, Light Plane World

No mortal can foresee the future with certainty because the future is determined by what you and I and everyone else does today, tomorrow, and the next. With a little knowledge we can make some accurate guesses. I don't need a magic crystal ball or the skills of Carnac the Magnificent to predict correct answers to three questions about ultralights and light planes that have not yet been revealed. Those answers are "Quicksilver, electric, and encouraging."  Read more

Dan Grunloh
Green Acres

Yes! There Really is Sport Pilot Training Available
By Larry Gehrig

Greetings, my name is Larry Gehrig and I have been given this opportunity to remind our fellow EAA enthusiasts that Sport Pilot Chicago is actively involved in daily flight training for pilots to obtain sport pilot certification and we have been actively involved with Light Sport training since late 2005. Read more

Larry Gehrig
Light Plane News

You Can Afford to Be a Pilot

Airplane and gyro pilot and certificated flight instructor Tim O'Connor has published a new book in paperback and e-book form. You Can Afford to Be a Pilot explains how to become a pilot and fly for fun on a middle class budget. It's an excellent gift for future ultralight and sport pilots and provides valuable tips for existing pilots. The paperback is $10.95 on, and the e-book version, regularly $8.99, is 25 percent off for Light Plane World readers. Read more

Tim O'Connor

Electric Aviation News in a Nutshell

Anyone surprised to learn that 48 percent of EAA members polled believe they'll someday fly an electric airplane may have missed the news coming from and EAA's weekly member electronic newsletter e-Hotline

The utilization of electric aircraft for routine flight training or for racing would have seemed impossible just a few years ago. Now they may be right around the corner. Here's a quick summary of the latest electric airplane news. Read more
Sebring Expo Coming Next Month
Mark your calendars. The U.S. Sport Aviation Expo will be held January 20 to 23, 2011, at Sebring Regional Airport, Florida. The event began in 2005 and had nearly 175 exhibitors in 2010. When icy temperatures and snowdrifts of winter get you down, take a few days in warm Florida where you can try out the latest light-sport aircraft for size and attend some of the 45 workshops or forums. For a list of exhibitors and more details, check out the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo website. Sebring
Mogas Petition and Ethanol-Free Gas Station List
An online petition has been started to urge Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson to ensure that ethanol-free fuel will continue to be widely available. The goal is to have 10,000 signatures. Over 3,700 supporters have already signed up, many leaving comments about how ethanol fuel affects their airplane, boat, auto, or small engine.  Gas pump
The effort is sponsored by Sam Hokin who has established a website that currently lists over 2,180 gas stations that sell alcohol-free fuel. Read more
Belite Electronics Offers New Avionics
Belite Electronics has added several solid-state, lightweight avionic instruments to its inventory. The new instruments include an airspeed indicator measuring up to 135 knots and a turn-rate indicator utilizing a solid-state gyro with an automatic backup battery suitable for use as an IFR (instrument flight rules) backup in experimental aircraft.  Belite
Belite instruments weigh only 1/2 ounce and are available with a round or square bezel or in a self-contained enclosure. These instruments work with experimental and Part 103 aircraft. For more details, click here.
New Aircraft Intercept Procedures
The FAA would like to remind all aviators of the procedures used if intercepted by air defense aircraft. During national security events, temporary flight restrictions are relayed via notices to airmen and enforced by North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) interceptors. Due to the dire consequences of not following the correct procedures, it is highly advisable to be fully aware of what to do during an intercept. These procedures have been updated in the Aeronautical Information Manual and Aeronautical Information Publication. However, due to the long publication cycles, they won't be incorporated until August 25, 2011. Please take a few minutes to review the procedures and make yourself aware of what to do if intercepted. Read more
Around the Patch
Airbike Cross-Country Flight to Liberal, Kansas
There’s no such thing as a non-event, cross-country flight in a 342-pound airplane. Experiences abound. Flying from Derby, Kansas, to the Liberal, Kansas Air Fair, this past October and attending the one-day air show provided many new challenges. Paul D. Fiebich
I would soon learn those challenges were unique to the remote areas of our state. I like to plan flights, I like to fly, and I like multi-day trips, so when Mary Shortridge, EAA Chapter 377 newsletter editor, invited me out, I began planning. Read more
Have You Ever Seen a Deere Fly? Part I
Building what you fly is sometimes a tall order. Especially if your building spaces are limited to your carport and other small places where all your other stuff accumulates as well. I have veteran roots in hang gliding, beginning on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Jackye Reynolds
Through the years, I observed some of my foot-launched pilot friends transition to early ultralights, and I lost a few friends to what I refer to as a "go-kart attitude." Read more
From the EAA Light Plane Community
The message forums at Oshkosh365 are alive with activity. Here are the latest discussions!
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Videos from the light plane world

The Renegade Light Sport Falcon is the first Light Sport aircraft to fly with the new Lycoming 233 LS engine. View the video

Sometimes you have to play as in this powered paraglider tandem video from Hungary that captures the pure fun of flying. View the video
Submit light plane videos that you just had to watch again; and probably forwarded to your friends. Send them to
Featured Photo Gallery

Photo gallery

The light side of the COPPERSTATE 2010 Fly-In at Casa Grande Arizona included trikes, fixed-wings, powered paragliders, and more. Be sure to also check out this video by Antonios Printezis, which includes an interview with light-sport chairman Steve Bass. View the COPPERSTATE gallery

Q. I use auto gas. Is the 87 number on the pump the octane of the gas? 

Powered Parachute
 Can a powered parachute (PPC) wing exceed the critical angle of attack and stall?  Answer

Weight Shift Trikes
 Should I be using power, or should the throttle be at idle during landing?  Answer

Fixed-Wing Airplane
 Why do some airplanes have a yaw string?   Answer

 How does thrust act on a gyroplane? Answer

From the archives
Mike Makepeace's Classy Fisher Classic
Experimenter, December 1997

From the ArchivesMike Makepeace began attending EAA Oshkosh in 1978 and has barely missed a year since. He has built 12 to 15 airplanes, and as a demo pilot for Fisher Flying Products, has introduced countless individuals to the fun of flying. His Fisher Classic biplane with traditional sunburst paint job is timeless. Read the article

Poll Question
Q. Nearly half of EAA members polled believe they will someday fly an electric airplane. Have you ever seen a manned electric airplane in flight?

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