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  ISSUE 11 OCTOBER 2010      
From the Editor
EAA Chapter Members Saved My Life
By Dan Grunloh, Editor, Light Plane World
After nearly three decades of interaction with the members of my local EAA chapter, I've come to believe they probably saved my life a few times and certainly have enhanced the success and degree of fun I've attained in flying. The members of EAA Ultralight Chapter 88 whose 20th anniversary fly-in is featured in this issue would most likely agree. Every pilot should have some flying buddies. They can inspire, teach, and even save your life. Read more Dan Grunloh
Green Acres
Making the Future Ours
By Mary Jones

Recently some friends and I were reminiscing about our childhoods and how different they were from the childhoods of "kids today." It reminded me of one of my Saturday morning rituals: Saturday was cleaning day. The house was mopped, scrubbed, and dusted in anticipation that someone might stop by on Sunday. That was the day neighbors and relatives - all farmers - went visiting. Read more
Light Plane News
American Air Campers Association Launches Online Directory
AACA"An Aviator's Dream Is About to Come True." Airmen who love cross-country flights and camping under the wing will agree with this headline that was used to announce a new online directory of airports where camping is permitted. Pilots of light planes and ultralights that fly "low and slow" especially need to know the location of these overnight stopovers. The directory uses an interactive airport camping map running FlightPrep flight planning software. Read more
20th Anniversary Fly-In of the Midwest Ultralight Crophoppers
AACAEAA Ultralight Chapter 88, also known as the Midwest Ultralight Crophoppers, drew in about 60 aircraft spanning the complete range of light aircraft to their 20th anniversary fly-in held at Tommy's Airpark (9LL5) near Springfield, Illinois, in late August. The weather was perfect for the event. Success of this popular area fly-in is credited to the small club of 18 members who are very active, experienced, and hard working. Read more
Training Exemption Available for Dual Instruction in Wheeled PPGs
GRAZhopperJim Stephenson, CEO of Aero Sports Connection (ASC), has announced the extension of a training exemption for powered paraglider (PPG) instructors. The ultralight training exemption (9785A) allows dual instruction in two-place powered paragliders, including those flown with a landing gear. As administered, the extension also covers dual instruction in a variety of paraglider and hang glider-based ultralights until the end of November 2012,and the exemption can only be used by an individual who is issued authorization by ASC. Read more
Dead Stick Takeoff Flying Adventures at AirVenture 2010
Dead stick takeoffSomething looked different about the Just Aircraft Highlander on tundra tires as it taxied for takeoff on the ultralight runway at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2010. The big taildragger was taxiing tail up, even at slow speed; at the hold line, the plane paused, waited for the signal, and then made a 180-degree taxi turn, all with the tail up and in perfect control. The pilot was Steve Henry, known for his dead stick takeoff videos, and he was promoting his DVD, Dead Stick Takeoff Flying Adventures. Read more
New Microlight World Record Claims Filed by U.S. Pilots
MicroliteThree new speed records have been set at the Zephyrhills Municipal Airport (KZPH) in the two-seat trike class. If the new microlight record attempts are ratified, the number of world microlight records held by the United States will more than double. Larry Mednick, Abid Farooqui, and Matt Liknaitzky have filed their claims with the National Aeronautical Association (NAA) for final ratification via Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) in Switzerland. The new speed records were set using a Revo 912ULS trike by Evolution Trikes. Read more
'CraneCam' Provides Live Window to Annual UL-Led Migration
CranesEleven young whooping cranes and three weight-shift trikes have begun what is the 10th year of the effort to reintroduce the cranes into their natural migration pattern. There are now approximately 96 whooping cranes in the wild in eastern North America, thanks to Operation Migration's work, among other efforts. Nearly extinct in 1940, there are now about 570 whooping cranes in existence, approximately 400 of them in the wild. You can be part of the action since Operation Migration is providing a live "CraneCam" to follow the Class of 2010 whoopers as they learn their migration route south. Read more
Light Eagles Video Found
In the July 2010 issue of Light Plane World, Italian trike pilot Ivano Scarsi shared his experiences flying with the Light Eagles, a trike air show demonstration team that began performing in Italy 1992. If you missed the article "Flight of the Light Eagles," you can read it here. We're delighted to announce that at about the same time this story was submitted for publication, a superb video of the group was found and posted on the Internet. Watch the video
Sport Pilot Endorsement Story Needs Clarification
Light Plane World contributor Helen Woods at Chesapeake Sport Pilot kindly pointed out a potentially misleading report in our September 2010 issue related to sport pilot endorsements. The FAA notified each pilot with sport pilot endorsements in his logbook that new certificates will be issued, and his sport pilot privilege(s) will be listed as an endorsement on the certificate. There is the possibility of confusion when using the word "endorsement" anytime we are talking about something as complicated as the FAA regulations. Even after you've read the FAA letter, you might still be confused. Read more
Around the Patch
A Double Eagle, Single Handed
Double Eagle
I build airplanes. Every builder has his own motivation. It may be financial, or perhaps a need to create, or the opportunity to engage the family in a spirited act of accomplishment. For me, it was the challenge, the chance to prove to myself and the world that "I can." This need to be challenged came at the early age of 11. I lost a wrestling match with a riding lawn mower and my right arm in the process.  Read more
My Wedding and Trikefest 2010 Report
My main focus this year at Trikefest 2010, Cushing Field, Illinois, was getting a new Airborne SST wing mounted on my Airborne 912 trike. Airborne co-founder Shane Duncan was in town and was very helpful in the installation. But getting married on Saturday at the fly-in somewhat kept me from my appointed picture-taking of all the fly-in attendees. The wedding vows had a humorous but still dignified aviation theme.  Read more
Light-Sport Cross-Country Flying: Let's Go!
Cross Country
My wife Nancy and I got our Flight Design CTLS in 2008, and since then we've made two trips to San Diego, California, and back to our home in Pensacola, Florida, in addition to many other trips around the United States. We don't view our flights as exceptional events, but as a continuing recreational aviation activity. Light-sport aircraft (LSA) cross-country (XC) flying is yours to do, and this article will discuss how we do it and how you can do the same, as well as urge you to fly to the four corners of beautiful America! Read more
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Videos from the light plane world
Sneak Peak of Kasperwing Chronicles
"Wings Forever" is a preview of scenes from an upcoming video Kasperwing Chronicles. You can also visit their website. View the video
Wacky Homebuilt Ultralight From France
"ULM artisanal Essais au sol" (microlight craft ground test) captures the spirit of do-it-yourself aviation. Could this possibly fly?  View the video
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Featured Photo Gallery

Photo gallery

20th Anniversary fly-in of the Midwest Ultralight Crophoppers
An amazing variety of ultralights and light planes came to this fly-in at Tommy's Airpark near Springfield, Illinois. A 20-year history of fun, food, and camaraderie inspires pilots to fly in from distant places to the Midwest Ultralight Crophoppers hosted by EAA Ultralight Chapter 88. View the gallery

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The Future of AvGas
In talking about the future of sport aviation, it's impossible to ignore the topic of fuel and the search for a 100LL replacement. EAA's Doug Macnair has worked for more than 20 years on the issue and presents the latest information on alternative fuels research, the status of the recently formed avgas coalition, and the future of unleaded fuel for general aviation. View the webinar

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From the archives
John Chotia
EAA Experimenter, February 2003

From the ArchivesIf John Moody initiated the ultralight movement, John Chotia popularized it, which might have been his most significant contribution. He built the first Weedhopper in 1975 and lost his life in one of his designs in 1981. John was inducted into the EAA Ultralight Hall of Fame in 2002. Read the article

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