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EAA Magazine FAQs

What is happening with EAA’s magazines?
Beginning in January 2010, Sport Aviation, EAA’s flagship publication, will be re-launched with a larger format and more content that more broadly reflects the diverse EAA membership, including the sport pilot and ultralight communities. As a result of this new direction, Sport Pilot will cease publication. Other EAA publications, including Vintage Airplane, Warbirds, and Sport Aerobatics, will continue to be published.

Why is Sport Pilot magazine going away?
EAA has spent the last 18 months surveying readers of both Sport Aviation and Sport Pilot magazines, including those who receive just one of the publications as well as those who receive both. One thing that readers have noticed and commented upon is the great deal of crossover content in the two magazines. Although the information is important for all EAA members, regardless of interest, seeing the same content in two magazines was redundant and frustrating for those who received both publications.

Does this mean that EAA’s support for the sport pilot and ultralight communities is diminishing?
Absolutely not! It moves coverage of sport pilot and light-sport aircraft to better reflect where that movement is today – incorporating itself into the mainstream of recreational aviation. Light-sport aircraft are becoming more numerous as training and personal airplanes, while sport pilot certificates now number in the thousands instead of the hundreds. It’s been a significant addition to the aviation community in just five years. EAA’s shift in its publication mix reflects sport pilot’s coming of age, if you will.

Where will the Sport Pilot magazine content go?
You’ll find fascinating ultralight and light-sport aircraft content in Sport Aviation.  Content will also make its way into EAA’s growing number of e-newsletters and on EAA’s websites, including www.sportpilot.org.

What about those people without computers or Internet access?
EAA members are overwhelmingly a technologically savvy group who seek their information in a variety of formats, both printed and online. For those members who prefer to keep reading their EAA news in printed form, the new Sport Aviation will deliver expansive and comprehensive aviation news and features.

Won’t my personal interests, such as light-sport aircraft and ultralights, get lost in the multiple interests reflected in Sport Aviation?
We’re making great efforts to make sure that doesn’t happen. Every month, EAA headquarters asks a random selection of at least 8,000 members to share their opinions regarding the publications.  Two messages came through loud and clear: While high interest remains in a broad print overview of EAA members’ activities in a publication such as Sport Aviation, you also want specific information regarding your favorite segment of the aviation community. The success of such efforts as the Experimenter e-newsletter showed that such focused efforts are extremely popular. You’ll see more efforts such as these in the coming months that focus on specific interest groups, including an ultralight/light-sport aircraft e-newsletter.

I currently get both magazines. Will I get a refund for unpublished issues of Sport Pilot?
EAA members will not lose any value from what you paid for as part of your membership. Your membership will be extended to ensure that you receive full value from the dues that you have paid.

I only receive Sport Pilot, but my membership does not expire until mid-2010. How will that be handled?
Your EAA dues pay for your membership and, previously, your choice of one of two monthly magazines. With the incorporation of Sport Pilot magazine content into Sport Aviation, your membership will continue and you will automatically begin receiving Sport Aviation – including the electronic edition – at no additional charge.

Does the end of Sport Pilot magazine mean that, like numerous magazines in the current economic climate, EAA’s publications are in financial trouble?
Not at all. In fact, not counting crossover material between Sport Aviation and Sport Pilot, the new Sport Aviation magazine’s larger format means more space for information, features, photos and other content.  For instance, 128-page magazine in the new format will contain about the same editorial space as 151 pages in the current format – that’s a 17 percent increase! There is additional expense involved, but it will create a better-quality publication.  A large amount of resources are also being dedicated to meeting the online needs that you and other EAA members have requested, especially in specific aviation interest areas, such as you’ve seen with Experimenter.

I’m a homebuilder, so am I going to see less on aircraft building in the re-tooled Sport Aviation?
No – in fact, there are more resources than ever for homebuilders. In Sport Aviation you’ll see content that better meets the needs and expectations of your community, based on the article-by-article input of homebuilders over the past 18 months.  In addition, more than 30,000 builders and homebuilt enthusiasts have already signed up for the monthly Experimenter e-newsletter, written and edited by homebuilders, and available at no charge to EAA members.  Add to that the growing list of “Hints For Homebuilders” video segments, access to past Sport Aviation issues online, the technical expertise available through EAA staff, and the community of fellow builders available at Oshkosh365, and it becomes an unmatched universe of knowledge and information available to you in a multitude of ways.

Where will the ultralight community be able to get information from EAA?
The most popular elements of Sport Pilot magazine will migrate to the new Sport Aviation, and an effort to include additional ultralight and light-sport aircraft content will be part of that.  Ultralight and LSA enthusiasts will also have their own e-newsletter making its debut this fall, with in-depth news and information for those who enjoy those facets of flight.  As with homebuilders, those who enjoy ultralights and LSA will find their list of EAA resources growing in the next few months.

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