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Raffle Guide

Raffles are a great way to raise money for your Chapter. They work for any size Chapter and can be an extremely cost effective way to have fun raising money for your special needs.

The following outline can assist you in getting ready for your raffle:

    1. Raffle Regulations - Before beginning your raffle project, contact your local or state gaming commission to find out how raffles are regulated in your area. Every state has different raffle regulations that must be followed. These regulations can encompass everything from applying for a license to how a ticket must be produced. It is easy to find out what your particular area or state requires by contacting authorities or checking the internet.

    2. Raffle Committee – Call together those who are excited to work on your raffle project. This group can decide on all of the details and aspects of the raffle. Together the committee can decide everything from the prize to when and where the drawing will be held.

    Some questions your group should ask itself are:

      A. What prize/prizes will we offer?

      B. How many tickets do we need to sell to meet our financial goal?

      C. How much should we charge for each ticket/ ticket packet?

      D. How long will we hold ticket sales?

      E. Where and when will we draw the winning ticket/tickets?

      F. What are the local or state raffle regulations and requirements?

      G. Does the winner need to be present to win?

      H. Will we have incentives for ticket sellers?

    3. Prize(s) - Choosing the best prize(s) for your raffle is easy. Raffles lend themselves to any size prize(s) - from a car to a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Think about who your potential ticket buyer will be and that will help you determine the most appropriate prize. For example, if your prize is aviation related, will tickets only be sold to chapter members or would it be appropriate for the general public? It is best to have your prize donated if at all possible. Prizes can be purchased but this can deeply cut into your ticket sale profits. Customers like to know that their money is not being used to pay for the prize. Some previously successful prizes include:

          A. Cars (new, classic, or practical)

          B. “One-of-a-kind items”

          C. Jewelry or Electronics (high end items such as diamond necklaces or home theater systems)

          D. Specialty Items (trips, gift certificates, or several smaller items - more prizes increase the odds of winning, generating more ticket sales)

    4. The Raffle Ticket – Before designing your ticket, take time to review the raffle rulings in your area. Raffle regulations differ from state to state, and the format of the ticket may be directly affected by state rulings. In most cases, state raffle rules can be found on the internet or by calling your local state offices.

    The price of the raffle ticket needs to reflect the value of the prize and your fundraising needs. Be cautious to not overcharge – otherwise you may lose buyer interest. Again, it is important to know your potential ticket buyers. Another key issue to remember: the lower the ticket price, the more you will have to sell to meet your goal. Finally, make sure to number your raffle tickets consecutively. This is very helpful in keeping track of the actual ticket sales and may be required by your state or local gaming authorities.

    5. Advertising - One of the most effective ways to get the word out about your raffle is through your volunteers/members who will assist with ticket sales. Simple signage is also very helpful. Most places will be happy to let you put up signs announcing your special event. Again, one on one contact with buyers will be your most effective and cost-effective means of marketing.

    6. The Drawing – Your raffle drawing can be centered on a special event or festivities. This can generate more funds and be an exciting ending to a great campaign. It will leave a great feeling for guests and possibly provide the groundwork for your next raffle.

Raffles can be a risk-free fundraiser for your Chapter. It is something that everyone can participate in and have fun with. If you have questions regarding conducting a raffle, or if you’re looking for more fundraising ideas, please contact EAA’s Development Department at 1-800-236-1025 or development@eaa.org

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