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Help! We Are Looking For Chapter Or Squadron Clubhouse Or Hangar Information

Having a Clubhouse or Hangar is the dream of many Chapters and Squadrons. Someplace where Members can gather, share information, have fun, work on airplanes together, these are core goals within our grassroots family. Yet having the home for your Chapter or Squadron, be it a small clubhouse or sprawling hangar, represents many challenges.

The first challenge is finding an airport and raising money, and either buying or building the facility. Some airports don’t want new tenants and some don’t want recreational aviators. Some airports fear Ultralights and others believe allowing a Chapter or Squadron to build a home translates to weekend hangar mechanics doing annual inspections and self-fueling, both considered by the airport management and fixed base operator to be competition to existing services. Nonetheless, there are airports that either reluctantly allow a Chapter or Squadron to build a facility and then quickly realize the value of having an active bunch of recreational aviators on the airport or the airport management sees the value right up front and works to help the new facility come on board.

Another challenge, once the clubhouse or hangar is in place, is operating the facility to the benefit of the entire membership. This challenge can be broken down into two parts, i.e. raising enough money to keep the facility operating and coming up with the set of rules or guidelines so everyone in the Chapter or Squadron is happy.

Chapters and Squadrons have successful developed ways to overcome these challenges. How do I know this? I read it in your newsletters. Not a day goes by that there isn’t some mention in a Chapter or Squadron newsletter about a new clubhouse or hangar, or special activities taking place at the clubhouse or hangar. Chapters and Squadrons are out there raising money, planning and building new facilities, and keeping them going as a valuable gathering place, and more. At the same time, the Chapter Office receives telephone calls, letters, and e-mails everyday from Chapters and Squadrons asking if the Chapter Office has anything they can use to help them get started on raising money, planning, getting airport support, and keeping the facility going.

Unfortunately, the Chapter Office has little to share!
We need your help! If you care as much about EAA and the whole Chapter and Squadron Family as we do in the Chapter Office (and I believe you do) please send in information on how your Chapter or Squadron raised the money, found an airport and got accepted there, planned and built, or purchased a facility and are keeping it going. If your information is not complete, or if your Chapter or Squadron only has partial information, please send it in to the Chapter Office. The Chapter Office will package all of this information so the next time a Chapter or Squadron Member contacts the Chapter Office we will be able to respond with information, instead of having to say…sorry, we don’t have any information on that. Come on…show us what you’ve got!

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