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Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Vol. 13, No. 2
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Chapter News
Rod Hightower From the President
EAA President Rod Hightower with the latest news and happenings in EAA and the aviation world that are important to you

EAA/FAA Winter Summit Moves Issues Forward
Last Tuesday and Wednesday, we welcomed nine top FAA officials to the EAA Aviation Center for the annual EAA/FAA Recreational Aviation Summit meeting. FAA officials attending included the directors of flight standards, aircraft certification, and accident investigation and prevention. Among the areas covered were amateur-built aircraft safety, warbirds, sport pilot, aviation fuels, and LSA flight training. One of the important outcomes from this annual winter meeting is building a timeline and receiving assurances from FAA for movement and/or progress on a number of key issues. Some of these outcomes are expected to emerge within the next several weeks and months prior to AirVenture, while others are part of long-term goals by the agency and the long-term community.

EAA Moving on Multiple Advocacy Issues
EAA's Government Advocacy office has been very busy in recent weeks on a number of issues. Among some of the key efforts was joining AOPA, NAFI, and GAMA in petitioning the FAA to change the rules that currently prevent sport pilot instruction time from being applied when earning additional pilot ratings. EAA also filed comments objecting to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration proposal to override FAA authority to control airspace over marine and wildlife sanctuaries; officially joined an aviation rulemaking committee studying the process to create an unleaded avgas specification; and encouraged federal lawmakers to include several GA-friendly amendments to the FAA reauthorization bill.

More Than 6,000 Young Eagles Signed Up for Sporty's Course
EAA Youth Programs Manager Brian O'Lena reports that more than 6,000 Young Eagles have now signed up for the free Sporty's Online Pilot Training Course since it first became available nearly two years ago. This commitment from Sporty's Pilot Shop is a major component of the Young Eagles "Flight Plan," which allows youth to move from the first flight experience into the knowledge and skills needed to earn a pilot certificate. More about how Young Eagles is positively affecting the overall pilot community will be coming in Tom Poberezny's column inside the March edition of Sport Aviation magazine.

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EAA Chapter 18
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Chapter briefing

Memorial Plaques Honor Service, Dedication
A good way to remember past members and their dedication to country as well as their aviation and chapter achievements is to honor them with a memorial plaque. A.R. Provenzano of Chapter 839 in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, notes the chapter has developed both a memorial plaque and website write-up under the title "Remembrance." Memorial plaques along with a write-up on the chapter website ensure these members will never be forgotten. Chapter 839's "Remembrance" page


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