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EAA - The Spirit of Aviation

   Vol. 12, No. 1 - January 2010

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Sport Air Workshops
: January 31, 2010 - Oshkosh, WI - ELSA Airplane Repair-Inspection,
Composite Construction
Discover Aircraft Building
Electrical Systems & Avionics
Fabric Covering
Gas Welding
Sheet Metal
Test Flying Your Project
What's Involved In Kit Building


Welcome to the January Edition of EAA Chapter e-Gram

Most days, when I arrive at work, I pass by Mark Forss' office. Mark, who takes care of the SportAir Workshops and AirVenture forums, among other duties, has a small AirVenture countdown clock outside his door. That little clock can evoke a wide range of emotions. Today, I was struck by the fact that there are only 188 days until AirVenture 2010. It made me smile and think of warm summer days. I will admit that as the clock counts down to opening day, I don't smile quite as much as I worry about all the things that need doing before opening day. But that's a story for another day!

The point is, the calendar has turned on a new year and we are getting closer and closer to another EAA family reunion.

It really is not too early to being thinking about being a part of the fun this summer. So far, it is shaping up to be a good year, with the reunion of DC-3s, the return of the Lt. Dan Band (with Gary Sinise), the 75th anniversary of the first flight of the B-17 and the overall theme of "A Salute to Veterans."

As we plan for EAA AirVenture 2010, you and your fellow Chapter members should also be looking at your calendar year and begin putting together your local schedule of activities. Be it a pancake breakfast, Young Eagles rally or annual Chapter picnic, it is never too early to start the planning process to ensure your success. No matter what you have planned, don't forget we have a number of resources you can draw on from reference papers to promotional materials or just an ear to listen to your thoughts and some advice on how other chapters have been successful.

This month, we have a variety of items in Chapter e-Gram. We'll feature two more outstanding newsletters; bring you up to speed on some AirVenture news; remind you about some important awards and a change in policy from the NTSB; among other items. As always, please send us any suggestions on what you'd like to see in the publication or any tips or hints you think might be valuable to other chapters.

Steve Buss, Manager, EAA Chapters

Chapter News


Just a reminder that Friday (Jan. 15) was the deadline for your chapter renewal. Many have already submitted their information for 2010 and those renewals are currently being processed. If you have not returned your renewal or have questions, please contact us as soon as possible so we can assist you in completing the renewal. 920-426-4876 or
The inaugural edition of the re-launched EAA Sport Aviation arrived in mailboxes last week with extensive upgrades and changes based on the input of more than 20,000 EAA members gathered over the past 18 months. The January issue, featuring a stunning cover photo of the Pitcairn PA-18 autogiro, is the culmination of the most significant makeover in the publication's 57-year history. The larger magazine format encompasses a new design and bold graphics that highlight knowledge and information EAA members seek.

We have already received feedback from hundreds of members and the overwhelming percentage of the comments (better than 95 percent) have been positive toward the new look, design and content.

There were also some good suggestions that will be addressed in coming issues. For instance, February's magazine cover will use thicker paper to counter the "floppy feel" some readers mentioned. From the samples handled, that will help significantly. Also, type sizes will be increased beginning in March to help the readability of the great new features.

EAA Sport Aviation

We appreciate all the feedback, and hope that the conversation about your magazine will continue in the future. Let us hear your reaction to the new format via e-mail to, or leave a voice message at 800-946-6088.

On Friday, we'll welcome a new group of chapter leaders to Oshkosh for a Chapter Leaders Academy weekend. These sessions are extremely valuable for any chapter officer, but can be of great value to newly elected leaders. We encourage your chapter to consider participating. Past attendees have been overwhelmingly positive in their reviews and would recommend attendance to other chapter members. As in the past, we'll cover your expenses once you arrive in Oshkosh including food, lodging, and transportation. You'll be responsible for the travel expenses to Oshkosh, but don't let that stop you. If travel is an issue, let us know and we may be able to assist you. Chapter Leaders Academy
There are spots open for our February (26-28) and March (26-28) sessions. Don't fear the Wisconsin cold or snow either. We'll make sure you stay warm and dry! If you or someone in your chapter is interested or would like more information, please contact us at Learn more here
Tax season is just around the corner and chapters should be thinking about record keeping for their annual filings. Most chapters are only required to file a 990N e-postcard with the IRS to keep them in compliance. The good news is that help is available to those chapters that feel they need some additional support. Patti Arthur from the EAA Legal Advisory Council will assist with 990N filing for free if your chapter meets the following criteria:
  1. The chapter has annual gross receipts NORMALLY under $25,000.
  2. (c)(3), (4) or (7) OFFICIAL status (in other words, the chapter has filed 1023 or 1024 and have a letter of recognition).
  3. Provide a EIN, “Care of” person (an officer’s name) and an address.

If your chapter meets the above criteria Patti can be reached at

If your chapter has never filed a 1023 or 1024 application then you will need to do some groundwork for filing the 990N for the first time. Many chapters did this last year but for those that have not you will need to do the following steps:

  1. An OFFICER of the chapter must call the IRS at 1-877-829-5500 and explain the following:

    a. You are an officer of EAA Chapter XXXX
    b. You would like to file the 990N
    c. You are a small chapter of a larger organization
    d. EAA Main HQ does NOT have a group exemption letter and has no intention of filing for one
    e. Your FEIN is: XXXX
    f. Your annual gross receipts are under $5000 per year
    g. You consider yourself a (c)(3), (4) or (7)

  2. You will need to explain to the agent that you are not required to file 1023 because your gross receipts are under $5000 annually
  3. The IRS will “re-set” their system and you can file your 990N ePostcard online at in 8 weeks (Note: Search on 990N in the search field in the upper right corner.)

The 990N ePostcards are due to the IRS the 15th day of the fifth month of your fiscal year which for most chapters is May 15.

During AirVenture 2009 EAA and numerous other aviation organizations declared May 15, 2010, as International Learn to Fly Day. To help support this effort, EAA is encouraging chapters to hold some activity on that day that will introduce the general public to the idea of learning to fly.

Learn to Fly Day events do not need to be complicated or extensive. They can be as simple as taking someone for an introductory flight and then introducing them to a flight instructor. Plans might include an airport open house, a fly-in breakfast, or even a mall show. Use your imaginations and keep us posted as to what you plan to do so that we can share your ideas with other Chapters.

We’ve also established a special e-mail address for Learn to Fly day suggestions, plans or questions. We will also be posting ideas and progress on the development of International Learn to Fly Day on EAA Web pages.

The following are some ideas to get you started. Remember, these are just suggestions, so use your imaginations:

  • Airport Open House
  • Chapter Hangar Open House
  • Intro flight
  • Presentations to other organizations
  • Program swaps with other organizations (example model airplane club)
  • Mall shows
  • Cooperative program with flight school
In 1992, EAA founder Paul Poberezny wrote a letter to EAA Chapters encouraging them to participate in the (then) newly launched Young Eagles program. Now, nearly 18 years later, many of his thoughts on the program remain relevant. As you begin planning your annual schedule of events, Paul wanted to re-emphasize the importance of bringing new faces into aviation. Read the letters
With much of the country locked in an unusual "deep freeze," it seems appropriate to share the following article from the November/December FAA Aviation news magazine. Paul Pellicano's article "On Thin Ice" reminds us all of one of the hazards of winter flying. 

In fact, the entire issue features some useful information for winter flying…and this year, it seems that covers a good chunk of real estate!

This month we feature newsletters from EAA Chapter 105 and 35. Chapter 105, located in Portland, is one of the few newsletters to utilize a horizontal, rather than vertical format. But don't let that throw you, the newsletter is filled with nice photos and an interesting story of a man and his Auster.

EAA Chapter 35, located in San Antonio, features a wide range of articles, from local to national interest, and some great Young Eagle pictures as a bonus. Happy reading!

Chapter 35 logo
AirVenture 2010
Newsletter and web editors note: please feel free to share these articles or any EAA content in your newsletters or web sites. EAA Chapters are authorized to reprint these materials, we just ask that your credit the original source.
Here's a friendly reminder to make use of your EAA Calendar of Events, which research shows is one of the top five most visited pages on the EAA website. Pilots and aviation enthusiasts use the calendar quite a bit when looking for things to do or places to fly. So how can you help? The calendar is only as good as the content. Please have someone (or a committee) responsible for posting your events on the calendar. We encourage you to post all of your chapter's events - from monthly meetings to your annual fly-ins and Young Eagles rallies. You can also spread the word by reminding others at your airport to post their aviation-related events to the calendar. It is easy to post an event and you don't have to be an EAA member to make use of the calendar. Visit the website for more information.

By the way, International Learn to Fly Day is May 15 and International Young Eagles Day is June 12, 2010.

The following news items appeared in local media outlets recently:
Is there an extraordinary tech counselor in your chapter? Or a pilot whose accomplishments and dedication to aeronautics have so far "flown under the radar"? Perhaps they may be appropriate recipients for two annual awards given out at EAA AirVenture 2010, the Tony Bingelis Award and the Spirit of Flight award.

The Tony Bingelis award honors the memory of the highly regarded homebuilding authority and EAA Sport Aviation columnist. Created in 2002, the award recognizes people who have made significant contributions to the encouragement of aircraft projects for fellow EAA members, the promotion of safety, and for maintaining the values of EAA. A nominee must have been an active and current EAA Technical Counselor for five consecutive years.

Download the nomination form
Read about the 2009 Bingelis Award winner 

The Spirit of Flight Award was established in 1997 by the Society of Experimental Test Pilots and Scaled Composites to recognize an EAA member who best exemplifies the spirit of research, development, or flight-testing. They promote air safety by presenting a pilot's opinion, strengthening the influence of the test pilot on aeronautical progress and continuously evaluating the adequacy of flight equipment.

Download the nomination form

Spirit of Flight Award
Please call the EAA Safety Programs Office at 888-322-4636, ext. 6864 if you have questions. The deadline for both award nominations is February 1, 2010.
We'd like to ask for your help in bringing positive attention to the EAA community and EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Let's share our story through the news media. Let's showcase the good things happening at your chapter and the activities of your members in preparation for this year's AirVenture. What's going on at your chapter that could translate into a great local-community news story or feature shining a spotlight on the terrific things occurring in your area. As a chapter leader, you know the stories within your chapter. Whether it's someone building an airplane to fly to Oshkosh; a grandfather and grandson making their first Oshkosh trip together; a special Young Eagle who was inspired by your chapter; or a member planning an unusual flight route to AirVenture ... basically anything you'd like to share, we'd like to hear.

Please put your thinking caps on. In the next couple of weeks, you may hear from Nadia Farr in EAA's communications department to discuss ideas. Also, some of the chapters who will host our B-17 aircraft tour in the weeks ahead will be hearing from our friends at Willems Associates not only to coordinate the tour promotions and activities but also to discuss ideas for publicizing your chapter activities and AirVenture.

In the meantime, please don't hesitate to share any thoughts or ideas you might have. Feel free to email Nadia at or call her at 920-426-6573.

We look forward to hearing from you as we continue to spread the word about the joys of personal flight and share The Spirit of Aviation!

As mentioned above, the renewal packages were recently mailed to all chapters. Included with the renewal paperwork is a copy of the Annual Report to Chapters. It highlights some of our accomplishments during the past year and looks ahead to next year. You can read the complete report here.
Last week, (Jan. 7), the National Transportation Safety Board issued a final rule document in the Federal Register that modified when a pilot must report an accident or incident in accordance with 49 CFR Part 830. This change will become effective on March 8, 2010. All aircraft accident/incident reporting to the NTSB should be completed using NTSB Form 6120.1 - Pilot/Operator Aircraft Accident/Incident Report. We encourage you to share this information with your fellow Chapter members, in whatever way is appropriate. You can locate your nearest NTSB office for filing the accident/incident report here. Read more

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