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EAA SportAir Workshops

May 2-3 2009
Alberta, Canada

Sheet Metal Construction, Electrical Systems and Avionics, Annual Inspections of AB Aircraft

For detailed information on SportAir Workshops, including cost, course descriptions and how to register, go to the web at: www.sportair.com/schedule.html or call 800-967-5746.   

I may have been a bit optimistic last month when I wrote, "Spring was in the air!" This month, however, I feel much more confident of warmer days ahead. First, this is Sun 'n Fun week, which is a sure sign of the flying season. Also, the kids in the neighborhood have reappeared, without heavy coats and boots; and my annual feud with the robins that want to nest on my deck has begun.

More importantly, activity on the AirVenture site is beginning to pick up. We are now less than 100 days from opening day. Steve Taylor and his crew are hard at work preparing the site for your arrival in July. Keep up with the latest news on Steve's Blog

The line-up of attractions for this summer's fly-in convention is outstanding; from the forums and workshops, to featured aircraft and the evening programs at Theater in the Woods. It won't be long now before we see tents start popping and volunteers arriving to their summer residences. Have you made your plans for Oshkosh?

This month's Chapter e-Gram has some exciting announcements surrounding the Young Eagles program, plans for an EAA pancake grill, two featured newsletters, links to chapters in the news, a heartfelt "thank you," and a call for assistance. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Fly safe,
 - Steve Buss, Manager, EAA Chapters

Chapter News
Yesterday, Hal Shevers, founder and chairman of Sporty's Pilot Shop, announced Sporty's new partnership with EAA Young Eagles. Hal has always been an advocate for involving children in aviation, and he has generously offered to help EAA create a "next step" pathway for Young Eagles. Beginning May 1, Sporty's will provide a custom Young Eagles logbook for each child who participates in the program. More importantly, the logbook will contain a special code that will allow Young Eagles to access Sporty's online Complete Pilot Training Course, free of charge. The beauty of this generous offer is that two of the barriers to flight training have been removed. First, a Young Eagle can complete the training on their time schedule and at home. Second, because it is free and no other materials are necessary to complete the course, the cost hurdle has been removed.
This is a major enhancement to the Young Eagles program, so there are sure to be questions. For more information, click here.
The Young Eagle credits have been mailed to chapter coordinators. The mailing is later than usual because of a change in the program. In previous years, the credits had a value of $1 and could only be used to send a young person to an EAA Air Academy session.

This year, because of the tremendous donor support at last summer's Gathering of Eagles, the value has been raised to $5 per credit and can be used for more than just Air Academy tuition. While we certainly encourage your chapter to send kids to camp, we also realize there are other costs associated with the program. The credits can be used to enhance your local Young Eagle program.

Congratulations to EAA Chapter 92, of Orange County, California, for being the first chapter to take advantage of the new credit structure. Please visit our FAQ page for more details on how to use your chapter's credits.

Young Eagles
If there is one thing EAA Chapters seem to have in common, aside from airplanes, is an enjoyment of food. Specifically, the pancake breakfast. At one of the Chapter Leaders Academy sessions, the topic of pancake grills came up. Many chapters have fashioned their own grills, but others borrow or improvise. Thanks to EAA member Bill Rewey (EAA# 42474), plans are now available. The self-contained gas grill uses four burners and a rotating griddle. Your chapter should be able to build one for $1,000 or less. Locally, EAA Chapter 252 is planning to build a model and we'll document the process to help future builders. If you decide to build one, we'd like to get your ideas on the design, too. Pancake Grill Plans
During the past year, Patti Arthur of EAA's Legal Advisory Council has been busy assisting chapters with 501 (c) 3 and IRS form 990 questions. Patti is always quick to help a chapter in need, a fact illustrated by a recent e-mail we received from EAA Chapter 227.

"I just wanted to let you know that I had contacted Patti Arthur of the EAA Legal Advisory Council today to get help in filing a 990-N form for our chapter. Patti was extremely helpful in walking me through the process, and easing my mind. Even though I am the treasurer of EAA Chapter 227 in Waterloo, Iowa, I am not an 'accountant,' so the filing of an e-postcard that is rife with obstacles is intimidating to me. When I couple that with the responsibility of watching over our chapter's funds and dealing with the government…that can be overwhelming when I don't know what I am doing.

Legal Advisory
So, thank you for providing a place for us to turn to. I do hope others take advantage of this resource." Linda Peacock, Treasurer, EAA Chapter 227 (Waterloo, Iowa)

If you need assistance, drop us a line at chapters@eaa.org, and we'll help you connect with Patti.

The revised EAA Speakers Bureau was launched about 18 months ago as an online resource for chapters to find interesting presentations for meetings and banquets. We are pleased to announce that the bureau now lists more than 500 registered speakers!

The depth of knowledge is truly impressive. You'll find aircraft manufacturers, military pilots, homebuilders, flight instructors, aviation attorneys, AMEs, and all the members of EAA's Board of Directors. The Speakers Bureau is a single resource that brings together an outstanding collection of aviation knowledge. All the speakers registered are volunteers, but your chapter may want to consider offering to assist with travel expenses.
We have received positive feedback from the chapters that have taken advantage of the resource. Has your chapter used the Speakers Bureau yet? If not, why not?

Speakers Bureau
The first step is to log onto the website, www.eaa.org/apps/speakers/default.aspx. Then search for the speaker based on location, topic area, or simply by name. Finally, contact the speaker via e-mail or phone and make the invitation.

Make your chapter programs entertaining and informative with a presenter listed in the EAA Speakers Bureau. We also ask that you help keep the bureau vibrant and growing by encouraging those who have spoken at your chapter to register online.

Approximately 200 Chapter members joined Tom and Paul Poberezny for an ice cream social this past Tuesday evening at Sun 'n Fun. Thanks to all who had a chance to drop in, enjoy some strawberry shortcake, and find out the latest news from EAA. We also thank Sun 'n Fun for their generous $5,000 contribution to the new Founders' Wing. The new area of the EAA AirVenture Museum will be ready for your inspection during AirVenture 2009. In case you missed the fun in Lakeland, here are a few photos taken at the event. Chapter Ice Cream Social
Do you know of a chapter member or friend who has "Gone West?" EAA's Gone West Online obituaries provides a way for you to share the memory of a fallen friend or family member. Following each entry is a memorial guest book for others to add their own memories and honor a loved one. If you would like to submit an obituary for a member of the aviation community who has "Gone West," visit the EAA website.
Jack Hilditch, newsletter editor for EAA Chapter 166, Hartford, Connecticut, sent this note our way. Maybe you can help?

"(EAA Homebuilt Council member) Joe Gauthier asked me to spread the word about Tony Janco's call for assistance. Tony works at FAA and has volunteered for EAA at Oshkosh over the past bunch of years, usually at the KidVenture activities and other places in support of youth in aviation.

Tony is looking for some unserviceable (worn/busted/damaged) RV-6 parts that can be used at Oshkosh this year for the KidVenture preflight booth. He is looking for things that would be discovered as part of a preflight inspection, i.e. cracked spinner, navigation light with cracked lens, worn seat belt, or any external item that would be discovered as part of pre-flight that wouldn't require disassembling the aircraft to change out.

EAA gives the KidVenture booth an RV-6 to use, but it's in pretty good shape. In the past, Tony has plugged pitot tubes, loosened cowl screws, flattened tires, etc, to simulate 'gotchas' but some real examples would be better if we can find them. If anyone happens to have such an item that could be donated for a good cause, please contact Tony directly.

Tony can be reached by email at: anthony.janco@faa.gov, or by phone at 781-238-7229. Thanks very much."

And a thanks you to you, Jack, for passing this along.


Last month, we broke the news that the "meeting in a box" was just about ready to be shipped. Since then, thanks to some speedy work from our video team and the crew at our Print and Mail Center, the DVDs are on their way; in fact, many Chapter presidents should have received them by now. Please take a look at the programs and feel free to share them at an upcoming meeting. We tried to include a variety of topics, so there should be something of interest to every chapter member. Because this is our first try at a program like this, we'd appreciate any feedback or ideas for future topics. Thanks in advance and we look forward to hearing from you at chapters@eaa.org.

Meeting in a box
Chapter presidents have received an information packet for the 2009 Chapter and Young Eagles Award Nominations. This is an excellent opportunity to nominate those chapter members who have gone the extra mile and beyond throughout the year for the betterment of the chapter, EAA, and the recreational aviation community. EAA encourages your chapter to submit nominations to recognize these important members. Recipients selected for the awards will be honored at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh this summer.

The packet includes an overview of the awards, instructions, and nomination forms for the following awards:

  • EAA Major Achievement Award
  • EAA Newsletter Editor Award
  • EAA Web Editor Award
  • EAA Young Eagles Awards

Please note that the Newsletter Editor Award nomination requires copies of the March, April, and May newsletters to be submitted along with the nomination form. The forms can also be downloaded from the web here. So don't wait - nominations are due May 31 - get your chapter's nominations in today!

This month we feature two chapter newsletters: The Grapevine from EAA Chapter 59 (Waco, TX) and The Corben Courier from EAA Chapter 93 (Madison, WI). Chapter 59 is celebrating its 50th anniversary this weekend, by the way. Congratulations! If you read carefully, vice president Brad Moffett has offered to shave his head if the chapter can sign up 50 new members. (Editor's note: I'm thinking about joining, just to see that!) But the newsletter also has some great photos from several projects under construction.

Chapter 93's newsletter features a different format than the "traditional" layout. Take a look and see how they do it. It might not work for you, but maybe it will inspire your creative side to try something new in your newsletter.

As mentioned earlier, the new EAA Founders' Wing will be open in time for AirVenture this summer. Final inspections are currently underway and soon, we will begin the work of adding display materials, which chronicle EAA's history and culture. Since EAA chapters have played such an important role in the organization's growth and development, we are inviting all chapters to donate items that can be used to create the EAA Chapters Display in the Founders' Wing. Suggested items include patches (historic or current), pins, small posters/flyers, or photos. (Please identify people shown on submitted photos.) Founder's Wing
Items should be relatively flat and measure no larger than 11x17 inches. Submitted items will be considered for display, and anything not used will become part of the permanent collection. (Note: items cannot be returned.)

Please send your contributions to Ron Twellman, P. O. Box 3086, Oshkosh, WI 54903-3086. If you have questions about what types of items might be appropriate, please contact Ron at rtwellman@eaa.org. Deadline for submissions is June 1, 2009. The Founders' Wing will host the Chapter Leader's Breakfast during AirVenture, on Saturday, August 1. Learn more about the Founders' Wing project.

Set aside the FAX machine and save the stamp. Your chapter can now complete the event notice form online! Visit www.eaa.org/apps/insurance and enter in all the details for your planned event. In addition to putting the form online, we also eliminated some of the information previously required. This should help make the process even easier!

EAA's Risk Management Office will contact you directly if any additional information is required, but the vast majority of events are quickly approved. The new system will also allow you the opportunity to print a copy for your records and submit information regarding the planned event to the EAA Calendar of Events.


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