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UPDATE: Now that I’ve earned my wings, I’m still flying and learning. This blog will remain open and active for those interested in the flight training process, however, if you want to see what I’ve been up to since becoming a pilot, please check out my columns in Sport Aviation magazine. - Brady

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Thursday, June 11
Flight 25: 2nd Solo
By Brady Lane at 1:00 PM     
Flight log to date  Hours flown: 26.3  |  Days since I started: 240  | Cost: $4,136.80  

I've only soloed once before and it was five months ago, so in many ways this felt like a first solo all over again. 

The first time you solo, there is a lot of attention and celebration, but the second time, there will likely be nobody watching (most times not even your instructor).   

The fact that nobody is keeping an eye on you is an interesting feeling — a great feeling of responsibility.

Do other student pilots have this same feeling the first time you fly with no one else watching?  

Even though it's been a while, I knew what to expect.  Or at least I thought I did.  I remember the plane climbing faster and the amazing view from being able to see out the entire right window, but there was one thing on landing I didn't notice on my first solo.  You can really feel ground effect on landing.  In fact, you have to prepare for it, because without the extra weight of a passenger the plane just wants to float about 5 ft. above the runway for a long time.  I started to get the hang of it by the third landing, but also realized that the plane flies and lands quite a bit different without a passenger.

I mention in the video there was a temporary flight restriction just a couple miles north of Oshkosh for President Obama's visit to the area.   I checked right before our flight to make sure I had the latest information.  Here is a PDF of the TFR.


Even though there wasn't a crowd gathered at my second solo I was just as thrilled when I taxied back to the hangar.  And the fact that nobody was watching was strangely a great feeling as well.

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